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Get to Know Our Team


Have an upcoming event you need to attend? Nay is our leading nail Technician and your number one expert for all your nail care. Party, wedding, prom, or interview.

Nay earned her Bachelor degree in Global Business at Eastern Nazarene College in June of 2019 and earned her nail Technician certificate in 2020. She found love in caring for natural nails, she loves acrylic nails too, and believes that our natural nails could be healthy while wearing them. Along with her team, she formulated a cuticle and nail oil treatment to help strengthen your natural nails. Check it out at our online store!

Schedule your next nail appointment with Nay for more tips on how to keep your nails healthier.


Marie has a Bachelor's degree in Business of Science and is looking to get her Doctorate in Natural Medicine in the Fall of 2023.

Are you looking to get professional insight on a healthier way to grow your hair? Look at nowhere else, Marie will give you the tips of caring for your natural hair that would be perfect for you.

Please speak with our Haircare Professional, Marie, for any input or guidance. Schedule an appointment today!


Milly has a Master's degree in Human Resources  and will do anything to care for another person's needs.

Whether you're looking for some insight on the latest beauty trends or want to learn more about our services, spend an hour with Milly and learn about what sophisticated hairstyle that would suit you best. Book an appointment ONLY on Saturdays!

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